Stay physically in one place, but go digitally everywhere.

If people cannot find you online, then, you lose the edge on your competitors, even if your business has a rooted physical presence in your local area.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a common platform for both traders and consumers. Every trader, ranging from a local home appliance shop owner in a town, till the owner of a shopping mall in the heart of a city, shall constantly appear online through our proven digital promotional strategies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote your business and get more visitors to your store, or get more visitors for you if you are organizing an event. Redadze media can be your best partner to move ahead and bring you more leads for your business through the best means that work in the digital world.

Our Passion

To sustain the competition in business has become inevitable for every trader. We passionately want to help every trader, who does business in a small, medium or a large scale, to survive in the business community and that will happen through a glorious online profile in our app.

Founder’s Message

''Our aim is to empower the community of traders and business owners in the digital world and at the same time, consumers as well have to get the best deal.''

Better than Website

Owning a marvelous website to promote brand and businesses can cost an arm and a leg for local business owners and traders. Through our digital marketing app, you may get that much needed online recognition at an affordable pricing.

Better than social media advertising

Social media users have free reign to comment on your own page, which may be good or bad. On our digital marketing app, only you talk about your business with your audience.

Better than TV and Newspaper ads

TV ads and Newspaper ads reach out to public in general, who may also include people, who may not be interested in your products and services.

Viable advertising solution to win a prominent place in the business community

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